SeatFleet helps create and manage seating and organization charts by letting your organization's members update their own location and other information so you don't have to. Admin users however can update information for any user, while non-admin users can only update their own.


Any user can create an organization, but may only be a member of a single organization at a time. You can create an organization after you log in by clicking the "Create One" button. You can edit the organization after it has been created by selecting the "Edit Organization" menu item in the drop down menu in the upper right corner. Organizations can also be deleted from the "Edit Organization" menu, all information will be lost.


From the "Edit Organization" menu you can add members to the organization by providing one or more emails separated by spaces, "". Each user you add will receive a confirmation email after they have been added. They must confirm their email and reset their password before they can log in, unless logging in with a Google Gmail account.

Members can be removed from the organization by selecting one or more from the "Remove Members" list.

You can add and remove admin privileges to any user by selecting them from the respective list.

When the member is added, either the admin or the member themselves can update their location in the user profile. When their location is set a name tag will show up on the seating chart map with their nickname, name, or email (depending on whats set). The name tag can be dragged anywhere on the floor plan. You can also scale the size of the name tag if its too small or large by using the mouse wheel. If you have trouble finding the name tag, you can click on the members name in the member directory on the right and it will be located.


An organization has one or more physical locations where your members might be located at. You can add them after you create an organization by clicking the "Create One" button, or by clicking the "Add Location" menu item in the drop down menu in the upper right corner.

You must provide a floor plan image for your seating chart to use (PDF files are not currently supported). The image is used as the backdrop to place the member name tags to where they sit.

You can edit and location after it has been created by clicking the "Edit" button in the upper right corner of the seating chart image for that location. You can also delete the location from the edit menu.


Departments are used to help identify the structure of your organization in the organization chart. Each member should identify their manager and department in their user profile. Departments can only be created by an admin in the "Edit Organization" menu.


If you have any questions not documented here, please send an email to